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Welcome to the Anti-Poverty Network, South East Queensland.

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A test site for the Anti-Poverty Network, SEQ.

Several different web technologies will be tried here, until we find one we like.

What we are using now -

FaceBook -

What we used to use -

Slack - includes several channels for organising our work.

You can use Slack on your desktop, or download apps for Slack for your smart phone for
iOs (Apple) or
Android . is a popular CMS that I have used in the past to create a little community web site, complete with forums, chat room, wiki, and support. Drupal is used for this page.

Some other candidates - a sorta successor to Friendica, with a different approach and different goals. is my ongoing project to create virtual worlds that ordinary people can run. The description of the web site plans is more of a howto and a philosophy. is a component used for bridging to other social sites. lists a few that might be useful.